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Indeasia Exports & Energy Private Limited endeavours to promote eco-friendly handcrafted products solely designed and crafted by Indian artisans having years of expertise & skills. Started in the year 2013 with a vision to make these talented artisans get their right amount of recognition as well as income, Indeasia is committed to aware people about the importance of organic products whether household or decorative. Promotion of Indian culture & art which was and is flowing in the blood of our exceptionally creative artisans of this beautiful country India, who have got their art inherited from their ancestors.
We have a strong background in Marketing, Information Technology, & Social Development Sectors. We as a Company looking forward to work towards the upliftment of those under-rated, less-recognized artists from the rural sections of our society through the best utilization of modern technology, i.e. Internet. Indeasia is moving in the direction of a green, nature-friendly, and better future with utmost realistic as well as logical ideas.
With idea of Environment conservation & awareness in mind, we are introducing a unique brand, Indeasia Srijan providing:
• Environment-friendly handmade products
• Value for money
• Best customer services
Our brand “Indeasia Srijan” where SRIJAN means creation, will act as a harbinger of a brighter future for the artisans and their families. Indeasia Srijan comprises of Handmade products of Ceramic, jewellery, Paper Mache, Recycled items, beads, Jute, Brass Metal designed and crafted by our team of skilled craftsmen. We ensure timely delivery of our quality & authentic products at the doorsteps of our valued customers. We source out the best handcrafted pieces from different parts of our country & showcase them in front of rest of the world. Come and explore the unexplored beautiful art of our country!

Ceramic, Stone & Glass Products

Beautifully designed Ceramic, Stone & Glass products for your home, kitchen & dining. We curate the ceramic, stone, and glass from Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan and then especially carve out trendy & eco-friendly products.

Brass Products

We bring before you, high-quality Brass Products precisely designed and perfectly finished from Uttar Pradesh.

Paper Machie Products

We at Indeasia Srijan bring before you the art of paper machie in the form of beautiful decorative pieces from Kashmir in various colours, patterns, and designs.

Beads and Jardoji Products

Beads and Jardoji Products carry a different type of charm with them. Enhance your look or give your home an upgrade with our exclusive range of Beads and Jardoji Products from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Delhi.

Terracotta Products

Our wide selection of terracotta products from Madhya Pradesh and Delhi are an eye catcher. All our terracotta products are made with utmost care, and they reflect the highest form of craftsmanship.


Rajasthani Jewellery pieces are an absolute legend, a concentrate of charm and a planetary must-have. Checkout our wide range of jewellery piece.


Paintings are not only just a reflection of art, but it is said to bring positivity into your homes and lives. From Mughal Paintings to Madhubani art and Warli Painting, we bring a broad range of beautiful paintings from all across India.

Fragrance & Potpourri

The elegant yet exotic range of Fragrance & Potpourri from Pondicherry with high definition of aroma that is sweet & pleasing.